The Positive Externalities of Food Stamps

The Biden Administration recently approved an unprecedented, over 25% increase in Food Stamps. Earlier this month, the Biden Administration approved an increase, the largest one in American history, to SNAP, a program formerly known as and commonly referred to as Food Stamps. This over 25% increase will result in the average benefit going from $121Continue reading “The Positive Externalities of Food Stamps”

A Foundational View of Welfare

Understanding its effects, why it’s necessary, and how it’s implemented.  Overview: When considering policy, we may often take foundational positions for granted. Welfare no doubt falls under this category, everyone left of center or center most likely agrees that welfare is a net asset, but do we stop and consider why? It’s important to flesh out foundationalContinue reading “A Foundational View of Welfare”

The Case For Labor Unions

The Case for Labor Unions: One of the most controversial issues in America today is the receding prominence of private-sector labor unions in the Midwest. This decline and the consequences thereof begs the question, are labor unions a worthwhile asset to uphold, not only to the American economy but to American workers, or are theyContinue reading “The Case For Labor Unions”