Griffin Shufeldt

My name is Griffin, I’m a student studying economics, political science, and public policy. I’ve created this site simply to archive research papers, summaries/notes of other studies I’ve read, and occasionally write opinion pieces on various econ or political issues.

I would consider myself to be on the left side of both the social and economic spectrum. I would most closely align myself with the label of Social Democrat. To give an idea of what that means, I’m for initiatives and policies to increase social safety nets, such as Medicare for all or a public option, an expansion of the EITC and other welfare programs, and making education, at the very least, more affordable. I’m also in favor of various policies regarding development, such as zoning laws, an increased effort to repair and revitalize infrastructure, and increased utilization and availability of public transportation.

If you happen to have questions or suggestions, or want to call me out on something, feel free to reach out.

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